Residential Air Con

Residential air conditioning

We are committed to providing an affordable, high-quality solution to all your air conditioner needs.
Choosing the correct supplier is always a big decision but we have been providing customers within London, the South East and up to the Midlands with top quality systems for years, so we are the ones you can trust.
We also install AC units that can heat as well as cool rooms down, so you can control the temperature of your property to your own requirements.

We can offer:


Trustworthy and polite engineers who will explain everything to you without jargon and leave your property looking neat and tidy.


Multiple manufacturers to give you the correct product at the best price.


First class after-sales maintenance which ensures your systems are running efficiently.
We specialise in providing air conditioning for rooms across the home, including:
  • Loft conversions
  • Conservatories
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Extensions
  • Games rooms
  • Home offices

What is involved in an installation?

All jobs differ so we will provide you with a bespoke quote when we have our initial consultation with you.

The main bulk of the work includes:
  • Finding a site for your indoor unit
  • Selecting the route for the pipework and drilling necessary holes
  • Mounting the outdoor condenser unit
  • Connecting the two units with copper pipework and electrical connections
  • Preparing the system so that refrigeration can be added
  • Sort out how condensation will be removed via a pump system or drain


If you are interested in getting air conditioning sorted in your home, give us a call now on 01895 823095.
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